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The Driving Force Behind Custom Courier
A collective of experts
Committed to Excellence

At Custom Courier, our team is the bedrock of our success. Each member, irrespective of their role, contributes significantly to our collective achievements. In this team showcase, you’ll meet the dedicated individuals who make Custom Courier more than just a logistics provider.

Together, we foster a culture of respect, collaboration, and continuous learning, ensuring that every interaction with us reflects our commitment to excellence and integrity. Join us in celebrating the diverse professionals who drive Custom Courier forward, each day, with unwavering dedication and a shared vision of excellence in logistics.

Bryan Thiessen


19 Years with Custom Courier

Jason Gelowitz

COO & Co-Owner

17 Years with Custom Courier

brian bates

safety & training Manager

2 Years with Custom Courier
30 Years of Transportation Experience

dispatch Team

5 Full-time dispatchers

Combined 40+ Years of Experience

Management Team

8 Full-time managers

Combined 100+ Years of Transportation & Courier Experience

Billing Department

4 Full-Time team members

Combined 20+ Years of Experience

Shop Team

2 Full-Time mechanics, 1 full-time apprentice

Combined 20+ Years of Experience

sales team

1 full-time sales executive

30+ Years of Transportation Experience

Shaun Stearn

Co-Founder & Fleet Manager

27 Years with Custom Courier

Delaina Koetze

Finance Manager

12 Years with Custom Courier

Heather Wiebe

Billing Department Manager

9 Years with Custom Courier

Zachary Drever

Digital Infrastructure Manager

1 Year with Custom Courier

Corrine Gordon

Sales executive

3 Years with Custom Courier

Murray Unger

Large Truck Dispatch Supervisor

18 Years with Custom Courier

Chris wood

small fleet dispatch supervisor

13 Years with Custom Courier

shantal bulin-anderson

large truck dispatch

4 Years with Custom Courier

Anthony parchoma

small fleet dispatch

3 Years with Custom Courier

Lori Bergen

large truck dispatch / billing assistant

1 year with Custom Courier

erin peck

1/2 ton and 3 ton Cube truck dispatch

1 Year with Custom Courier

Stacey Bains

billing department

6 months with Custom Courier

angela sluzzalo

billing department

14 Years with Custom Courier

Taylor Sajec

billing department

1 Year with Custom Courier

Brenna Robinson

billing department

2 Years with Custom Courier

martin Demers

shop supervisor (Custom truck & Trailer Repair)

Jaskarn Hans

Apprentice mechanic (custom truck & Trailer Repair)

Ken Huska

journeyman Mechanic (custom Truck & Trailer Repair)

Miller Thiessen

Shop Assistant / Apprentice (custom truck & Trailer Repair)

kyle Sidey

company semi driver

6 Months with Custom Courier

wei zhang

Company Semi Driver

1 Year with Custom Courier

Ian Ziprick

Company Semi Driver

7 Months with Custom Courier

Josiah Wade

company semi driver

3 Years with Custom Courier