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transportation services
on-schedule material & Equipment delivery

Custom Courier is committed to elevating the efficiency of construction logistics, focusing on the prompt delivery of materials and equipment to keep your construction projects on schedule in Saskatoon and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our massive fleet of trucks and flatbeds, perfectly equipped to handle all kinds of construction materials and equipment. Whether it’s local transportation within Canada or across the border, our fleet is ready to deliver your construction essentials safely and efficiently.

Diverse Fleet for Varied Needs

Our extensive fleet, including specialized flatbed trucks, is most suitable for transporting large loads, heavy machinery, and oversized materials that require specific handling.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Adaptable to the dynamic nature of construction projects, our logistics services are scalable to meet your project’s evolving needs.

Optimized Route Management

With strategic route planning and load management, we guarantee efficient and secure deliveries, contributing significantly to keeping your project timeline on track.

Punctual & secure Construction transportation

Understanding the critical importance of timelines in the construction industry, we specialize in the safe and timely transportation of all construction-related materials and heavy machinery. Our goal is to ensure your project proceeds without delays due to logistical issues.

your construction transportation partner

Recognizing the unique logistics needs of each construction project, our services are meticulously tailored. From delivering bulk building materials to transporting specialized equipment, we align our logistics solutions with your project deadlines and requirements.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of construction logistics, Custom Courier is your ideal partner for ensuring uninterrupted material and equipment flow for your projects.

construction SOLUTIONs

Looking for a logistics partner that can handle the unique demands of your construction project? Look no further than Custom Courier. 

Contact us today to explore how our tailored construction transportation solutions and robust fleet can keep your project moving smoothly.