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saskatoon’s leading courier service

Welcome to Custom Courier, where we’ve been redefining the courier experience in Saskatoon since 1996. As the city’s largest local courier service, we’ve built our reputation on a foundation of respect, integrity, and professionalism. 

Our approach is simple yet powerful – we believe in treating our staff, owner operators, and customers with the utmost respect. This philosophy is the cornerstone of the ‘Custom Courier Experience,’ a unique blend of exceptional service powered by a dedicated team.

the heart of custom courier

Custom Courier is more than just a fleet of vehicles; it’s a family of over 110 owner-operators and a dynamic in-house team of 30 individuals. Our workforce includes dedicated billing department team members, dispatchers, operations managers, and safety officers, all working in unison to deliver unparalleled service. 

Each division of our fleet, from cars and minivans to semi tractors, is equipped to meet a diverse array of delivery needs, ensuring we always have the right vehicle for your shipment.

your success partner

Our goal is to learn about your company and its specific courier needs to provide you with the best service possible. We’re proud of our low operator turnover rate, a testament to our fair treatment of staff and commitment to providing consistent, high-quality service.

At Custom Courier, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services tailored to your specific needs. From our quick and efficient Regular and Rush services for small fleet vehicles to dedicated and specialized runs for more complex deliveries, we ensure timely and reliable services around the clock.

Speedy Deliveries

Say goodbye to waiting anxiously for parcels. Our quick turnaround times mean your deliveries arrive when you expect them.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether it’s sensitive documents or bulky items, our diverse fleet is at your service, ensuring the right fit for every delivery.

Uncompromising Safety

We don’t just deliver; we care. Your items are in safe hands, thanks to our rigorous safety standards and compliance with the latest regulations.

Personalized Service

No two customers are the same, and neither are our services. From special handling to specific timing needs, we customize our services to fit your unique requirements.

Experience You Can Trust

Our team’s expertise in the courier industry is your asset. We know the safest handling methods, ensuring your peace of mind.

veteran expertise & Commitment to safety

Our 28-year legacy speaks volumes about our commitment to safety and reliability. Regular fleet safety meetings, stringent vehicle inspections, and adherence to SGI and OH&S standards are just a few ways we uphold our dedication to safe deliveries. 

We also ensure all operators are fully compliant with all safety regulations, including carrying third-party liability insurance and undergoing yearly criminal record checks and SGI driver’s abstracts.

the custom courier experience

Experience the difference with Custom Courier, where every delivery is handled with care, precision, and a deep respect for your needs. 

Whether you’re a long-standing customer or new to our services, we look forward to earning your business and providing you with an exceptional courier experience that sets us apart from the competition.